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Fenwicks Distillery would love to help you bring our Indiana made craft spirits to your customers

Fenwicks Distillery Wholesale

Do you represent a bar, restaurant, or spirit distributor looking to add Fenwicks Distillery, Indiana made spirits to your offerings? At Fenwicks Distillery, we have a growing selection of handcrafted, impecibly distilled spirits made in Indiana and available wholesale, including our 5 year cask strength Bourbon and Rye, vodka, and our easy-drinking, Wheat Whiskey.

All of our spirits make a great addition to any spirit portfolio.


Our Indiana-made, single barrel spirits are now available wholesale through our distribution partnership with Carroll Wine & Spirits.

We’d love to help you bring our craft spirits to your customers. To get Fenwicks Distillery wholesale, fill out the form so we can connect you to our distributor. If you are interested, we can also arrange a tasting in our Restaurant & Grill.


It is our mission to embody the ambitious spirit, and genuine authenticity that we built the Fenwicks name on. We never settle for the industry standards set for high quality spirits. We want to make something worthy of sharing, worthy of conversations, and worth collecting.

That is what we do at Fenwicks Distillery.


Fenwicks Distillery officially opened in 2023 with the mutual appreciation, and collection of fine distilled spirits amongst the expanded Fenwick’s family. The distillery was a welcomed addition to the Brewery and Public House Restaurant and Grill. Continually thankful for the growth and success we’ve experienced. None of it would be possible without the participation of the local community. There's no better way to enjoy a sensory experience and to share that experience with friends than the inclusion of fine spirits.

Currently Available in these Locations


We take our work ethic very serious. As do you. It's just that midwest culture. Sure, there are industry standards. But we see that as the starting point, not the bar.

Building something truly special on the challenges and successes we have faced over the years is evident in every pour. And now we are excited to distribute our Bourbon, Rye, Wheat Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, and Rum. Made right here in Indiana.

Let's add Fenwicks Distillery to your spirit portfolio, and find out if you qualify for our Whiskey Barrel Retail Displays or additional swag now!